Tuesday, September 2, 2008

..He & She..

On a nice, calm and peaceful Saturday night..

'TheMorningStar' and 'MissMini' met in the world of now where to everywhere.. by God's best wish.

Begins with ZERO, the two get to know each other slowly to become HERO. On and on.. and on... till late night.

~Just heavenly blend by great chemistry between the two, they went on to stay keep in touch on the next day.

"How wonderful life can be." She thought.

Ms. Capricorn (25) met Mr. Taurus (31) in April 2008. Life has started to become her MOST blissful & divine experience.. BUT it is yet to ends with the most unforgettable catastrophe in her life. SAD..

Hmm.. Wonder how the 'Forbidden-Based on A True Story' story goes? Just follow me through the 'Forbidden' blog journey experience.. You'll find it S***..

I am sorry. Just can't help it.. hehe :) But... Life~ is still ..a life to go on..